We serve our customers across the value chain of plastics production from Virgin Polymer, Compounding, Masterbatch, Extrusion to Recycling.

With 76,000 machines and systems installed at over 25,000 customer sites, MAAG Group has built a high level of expertise in pump, filtration, pelletizing, pulverizing and recycling technology. – Our systems touch 1/3 of the global plastics production!

All components, products and systems of our brands are of the highest quality and offer excellent performance value.

Our installed base includes…

  • MAAG Road2K Installed Base - 30.000 gear pumps

30,000 installed gear pumps and 10,000 installed screen changers & filtration systems:

We are pioneers and the technology leader in Pump & Filtration Systems. We develop and manufacture customized gear pumps, filters and screen changers that improve product quality by discharging contaminants from the melt.

Pumps & Filtration
  • MAAG Road2K Installed Base - 30.000 gear pumps

10,000 underwater pelletizing systems, 15,000 strand pelletizing systems and 5,000 installed dryers:

MAAG Group owns the pellet making process! Our highly automated underwater pelletizing systems efficiently produce spherical pellets while our most flexible strand pelletizing systems convince with high quality cylindrical pellets.

We offer reliable and profitable solutions to meet your specific pelletizing process and pellet drying demands.

Pelletizing systems

1,000 installed pulverizing systems:

Our state-of-the-art product portfolio is based on 30 years of research, development, ongoing system improvement, and in-depth know-how in the grinding of plastics and other materials.

Pulverizing Systems
MAAG Road2K Installed Base - 500 melt filters worldwide

500 installed recycling filters:

The heart of our recycling systems are our high-performance melt filters with continuous operation, self-cleaning and high efficiency.

Recycling systems
MAAG Road2K Installed Base - 500 melt filters worldwide
MAAG Road2K Installed Base - 4.500 control systems

4,500 installed controlled systems:

The future is digital! Through intelligent control systems and IIOT solutions, we make your processes ready for the age of Industry 4.0.

MAAG Road2K Installed Base - 4.500 control systems

MAAG Group is involved in every aspect of making plastics, from start to finish!

History & Experience