Dry cut strand pelletizing

« Automatik’s tried and proven dry cut strand pelletizing systems produce cylindrical pellets or micropellets of the highest quality which are ideally suited for further processing. Depending on the application, pelletizers of the SGS or PRIMO series are used, as well as the dependable M-ASG pelletizing systems.

The PRIMO E offers special tool combinations for soft, brittle, or abrasive polymers. Thanks to the single-sided bearing of the cutting rotor, the areas being cleaned are easily accessible and frequent product changes taking little time and cleaning effort are possible.

The PRIMO S offers the shortest unguided length between draw-in and cut. It also features a robust double-sided bearing of the cutting rotor for consistent pellet quality.

With the dual drive of the PRIMOPLUS, pellet lengths and pellet weights can easily be adjusted automatically. PRIMOPLUS and M-ASG can be integrated into the JSG self-starting system.

The EBG single-belt pelletizing system is ideal for compounding water-sensitive, highly filled, or brittle products. The variable configuration of the pelletizing system allows the EGB to be perfectly adapted to the product being processed at any time.

The strand cutters of the SGS, Bullet, T200, and S3500 series from Reduction Engineering Scheer are in use in thousands of applications around the world. Developed in the 1980s, continually improved and adapted to new market requirements, they are now a constant for dry cut polymer pelletizing. Almost all requirements can be met on the various models, from micro and laboratory quantities to high delivery rates. Robust construction combined with solid craftsmanship make the SGS and SGS-E series supreme products for pelletizing technology. »