Filter candles for large area screen changers

Micronex filter candles are tailor-made for use in continuously and discontinuously operating screen changers. Compared to typical round screen plates, they increase the active screening area up to 200 times, thus reducing significantly and the flux rate:

We offer standard designs or customized candles regarding:

*Type of mesh
*Number of pleats
*Pleat height
*Filter area
*Number of layers
*Layer configuration


Technical data
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  • Filter elements designed for individual processes
  • Optimized polymer flow
  • Maximized filter area
  • Lowest possible pressure loss
  • Designed to retain hard and deformable particles
  • Screen mesh or fiber metal felt (FMF)
  • Filter fineness 3 μm

Technical Data

Pression de service en bar
Pression différentielle en bar
Températures en °C
up to 350