Basic principle of pellet drying

The drying operation as part of the pelletizing process consists of three individual steps:

  1. Pre-dewatering: Up to 95 % of the process water is removed by gravitational force.
  2. Primary drying: Bigger water drops adhering to the pellets are largely removed through airflow or mechanical movement.
  3. Final drying: The residual heat of the pellets is used to evaporate the remaining surface moisture.

CYCLO® featuring:

  • Field proven dryer designs ¡ Solid rotor combined with segmented bottom section
  • Field proven EM (Easy Mounting) screens
  • Tangential in- and outlet
  • Low noise insulation
  • Integrated dewatering
  • Stand still monitoring – optional
  • Keyless mechanical interlocking system
  • Two large dryer doors
  • Filter integrated into insulated resin outlet
  • Motor on top arrangement (direct drive)
  • Interlocked hinged resin outlet filter for cleaning access
  • Internal air ductwork