User Interface

In additional to the standard user interface of the E and H-type controls, Gala offers several options for the visual representation of processes, such as formulation/run program, alarm screen, configuration screen, history/trends, and password protection. The communication between the PLC and the data acquisition system is implemented via the PROWAY DP interface. An optional PC permits visual monitoring of the underwater pelletizing system. All data can be acquired, stored, and subsequently evaluated. Formulation data can be loaded from hard disk or floppy disk. The operator control of the line is made via the PC keyboard (function keys) and the formulation inputs (run programs). Line screens permit monitoring the operation. Errors are displayed in separate error screens in plain text and together with the time of occurrence, confirmation, and resetting of individual errors. The acquired line data can be historically processed and printed. The control, data acquisition and visualization concept proposed by Gala is characterized by a clear separation between the control level (PLC) and the operator control and data acquisition level (PC visualization). In addition to customized solutions, we also offer Intouch OEM-1, a low-cost standardized visualization.

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